For who?

Social innovators

We are looking for participants who have a burning desire and interest in contributing to community development in the area.

Young people of all ages

You must be 18 years old to participate. But age is in no way an obstacle. We are looking for participants who want to strengthen their network and are bold enough to make an impact.


People of all nationalities

You don’t speak Icelandic? No problem! We are looking for participants from all nationalities. Teaching will mostly be in English and workshops will be onsite and online.

All Westfjords lovers

If you live in the Westfjords, have lived here, want to settle down or if you have a burning interest in the future of the Westfjords, then you are the one we are looking for!


Are you a passionate social innovator?
Do you have a burning interest in positive change and the boldness to follow through?
If so, LausnaVer is for you!

LausnaVer is a 3-month course

LausnaVer starts in the beginning of June and lasts until the end of August.

Online and onsite workshops enable participants to identify and efficiently address specific local issues, by developing innovative social enterprises in collaboration with an extended network of research, institutional and business partners.


Mentors (leaders in their field) will guide the young leaders in developing a realistic, appropriate method for turning underutilized resources and materials into something of value. (practical innovation)

Participants will meet (on site or via teleconferences) once a week for 2-4 hours long workshops with Icelandic and international experts. They will then work individually and in groups on developing their projects while having a possibility of getting the expert’s insight and feedback.

The course ends with a larger event where participants present their ideas to the community and find a channel for their projects. The themes will be based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG and the study material is developed in collaboration with the Future Food Institute (FFI / FAO).

How do I apply?

The application deadline is May 15.

Only electronic applications will be accepted. Apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of acceptance.

In your application, please tell us who you are and why you are applying. That information will outweigh the traditional education or work experience criteria when selecting applicants. Your presentation can be submitted as an attachment to the application form, in a short letter, as slides or in a short video or audio recording.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Course structure 

Further information on program outline you will find here.

June 2021

Participants will work on analysis of opportunities and challenges in the area. Local entrepreneurs and professionals in the area will mentor and guide participants. Analysis of factors that promote innovation. Guidance and training in group work. Socializing and networking.

* Theme: Local hero – Inspiration
* Workshops: Team building, skills training, analysis
* Group work: Analysis of a entrepreneurs – individuals or companies
* Discover: Local leaders and entrepreneurs 
* Mentoring: Meetings / group work with a mentor
* Socializing: Lets get to know each other and local entrepreneurs
* Learning: Presentations of group work

July 2021

Participants look beyond our borders and get to know international food-entrepreneurs and analyze key factors in their success. Analysis of untapped opportunities and possibilities in production. Group mentoring, individual projects, organization of events promoting collaboration and socializing.

Connecting to events, professionals and the network of innovators from Future Food Institute which will integrate LausnaVer into their events around the world.

* Theme: Go Glocal – Aspiration
* Workshops: When ideas turn into businesses
* Group work: Icelandic and international innovators
* Discover: International innovators
* Mentoring: Meetings / group work with a mentor
* Socializing:
Lets get to know each other and international entrepreneurs
* Learning:
Presentations of group work

August 2021

Teaching by the Future Food Institute (FFI / FAO) which links LausnaVer with events and workshops that will be held in Iceland and around the world. Participants will work according to the themes in FFI’s workshops. Planning and preparation of the final event of LausnaVer. Connecting projects with each other and with local and global partners.

* Theme: Make it happen – Perspiration
* Workshops: “Food as a conversation”, “Sustainable food products”
* Group work:
Implementation and networking
* Discover:
Social innovation as the way to success
* Mentoring:
Meetings / groupwork with a mentor
* Socializing:
The wider community
* Learning:
Organization of community events / final events

LausnaVer is a platform for young innovators who want to join forces in the search for real change.


1What is LausnaVer?

Skúrin in Flateyri and Djúpið in Bolungarvík have developed a three month diploma course for the summer of 2021. We aim to give the participants the knowledge, network and toolsets to be the change that they want to be in their community. We joined forces with Vinnumálastofnun, Vestfjarðarstofa, and the very frontline of innovators to make sure that tangible solutions are the outcome. 

Lausnaver will create a platform for young and aspiring Westfjordians (however connected) to join forces on their path to real change. Using our common passion, food, we will involve the local community in creating value in production and find new angles to old and persistent problems.

2Who is LausnaVer for?

We are looking for participants who have a burning desire and interest in contributing to community development in the area. We will identify Individuals who have shown initiative and courage,  who are ready to tackle challenges and look for valuable solutions for future development in the area. 


We want dedicated future leaders. 


Lausnaver is catered to the needs of the groups enrolled, course work will be in Icelandic/English and is designed to be primarily ONLINE, in some cases responsibly ON SITE.


Eligible are ALL that are Westfjordians, aspire to be Westfjordians or see their future connected to the future of the Westfjords.

Age restriction is 18 years old and up.

All applicants will be reviewed and chosen by a panel.

3What is the participation fee?

Course fee is 50.000 ISK and should be paid when admittance is confirmed.


Sponsorships are available. Get in touch and we will advise you on the matter.

Educational grants can be obtained through most workers unions and can cover up to 90% of course fees. Get in touch with your union to find out more.

4How to apply?

When filling out the application form we ask you to enclose more info about yourself, WHO you are, where you come from, WHY you are applying and WHAT skills, talents, qualities you believe make you a good addition to the course. This presentation can be a bigger selection factor than where you studied or worked before.


The form of the presentation is entirely up to you. It can be a cover letter, audio recording, a video recording or ANY form that best highlights your qualities.


Applicants are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later. Limited seats are available and the old saying that the early bird gets the worm is applicable here.

Join us where the known road ends and the future begins.

We look forward to hearing from you.

When you have sent in your application you can expect to hear from us very soon.

Thanks to our sponsors